Toughened Safety Glass (per square meter)

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Glass is sold per square meter, price listed is price per square meter.

Toughened Safety Glass

•    5 times stronger than ordinary glass

•    Glass has a long life, 25 year warranty

•    No expansion or contraction

•    Very scratch resistant

•    Edges can be smoothed, can be used in frameless applications

•    Can be supplied in almost any thickness, width and length up to 3600mm long and a variety of colours

•    Proudly made in New Zealand

Toughened Safety Glass
Toughened Glass is created through a process called tempering, which involves ordinary annealed glass heat soaked to a temperature of 650˚C then rapidly cooled (quenched). This process results in the glass being up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass while retaining its physical characteristics.

Why Toughened Glass?

  • Strength
    Toughened glass is up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. This means it can be used in frameless applications, and even as a structural component.
  • Safety
    Due to the increased mechanical properties of toughened glass it is far more resistant to breakage. This means toughened glass is suited to areas were accidental human impact is likely. In the unlikely circumstance that is does break, safety glass will break into small blunt-edged pieces which are far less likely to cause injury than large shards produced when ordinary glass breaks

Low Iron Toughened Glass
Toughened glass inherently has a very slight green tint due to the iron content naturally found in the silica used during the manufacture process. This slight tint can be noticed on thicker glass, or when viewing glass sheets from the edge. The silica used to manufacture low iron glass contains approximately 75% less iron which removes this green tint giving a crystal clear appearance!

Uses  for Toughened Safety Glass
-Structural glass walls
-Glass roofs
-Glass canopies
-Frameless entries/windows
-Low iron when a crystal clear appearance is desired