Collection: Econoglaze

The EconoGlaze glazing bar system from UGS is an effective, universal glazing fixture system that is designed to provide a simple yet secure mounting and sealing method for various glazing materials in glazing thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

The EconoGlaze glazing bar can be mounted directly onto timber, aluminium or steel supporting members such as purlins, rafters, etc. If greater spans are required, the EconoGlaze glazing bar has been designed to fit onto various other aluminium or steel profiles to provide increased supported span lengths if necessary. Refer to the EconoGlaze span chart for more information.

The EconoGlaze glazing bar assemblies are available in 2 standard lengths, 4050mm and 6050mm, and are easily cut to finished length. The EconoGlaze glazing bars are supplied in either powdercoat or natural aluminium finish. Each glazing bar assembly is supplied with the following components: Base extrusion, top-cap extrusion, glazing bar end-plates, (with screws, 2 per bar assembly) and rubber seals. Depending on your specific needs, you are likely to require the additional components;  top-cap fixing screws (for wood, aluminium or steel), edge spacers and possibly the aluminium rafters with mounting brackets. Details for the additional components are listed below.