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Clear Solid Polycarbonate glazing

Clear Solid Polycarbonate glazing

*Please note 6mm sheets are 580mm wide for 600mm centres and the 8mm sheets are 730mm wide for 750mm centres.

UGS Polycarbonate Sheet


Typical Applications

ARCHITECTURAL GLAZING - With outstanding clarity and weatherability UGS Polycarbonate has many architectural glazing applications for commercial and residential purposes.  

COMMERCIAL - These include structural glazing for roofs and walls for covered walkways, restaurants and cafes, schools, hotel atriums, shopping centres, factories and warehouses. 

RESIDENTIAL - Awnings, pergolas, carports, gazebos, outdoor living areas,  pool and spa covers, conservatories and greenhouses are all suited to using UGS Polycarbonate. 

INTERIOR DESIGN - UGS Polycarbonate not only has good acoustic insulation quantities in both residential and commercial applications, but can create privacy screens that look attractive.  With Clear and Grey tints being transparent, and Opal being translucent, we have colours to suit every need.


 Why Solid Polycarbonate?

HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH - Our polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable and able to withstand extreme abuse. Its impact strength is 250 times greater than glass and 30 times greater than acrylic. Thus, it is not easily damaged during transportation or installation.

EXCELLENT LIGHT TRANSMISSION - Providing long lasting clarity over a wide range of weather conditions and environments. Up to 87% light transmission, UGS polycarbonate is ideally suited to a wide variety of residential and commercial applications which requires excellent light transmission.

EASY INSTALLATION - Polycarbonate is flexible and easy to cut with a fine tooth skill saw.  Will not chip or crack when being cut or drilled.

LIGHT WEIGHT - At less than half the weight of glass, it can be installed quickly and reduces handling equipment and installation cost.

LONGEVITY AND UV PROTECTION - Superior longevity and resistance to the effects of weather is achieved by co-extruding a 50-micron UV protective layer onto both sides of each sheet.  This gives over 99% UV protection. 

FLAME RETARDANT - Self extinguishing, does not encourage  flames or give off toxic gases. 

THERMAL STABILITY - Minimal property change within -20 to  120 degrees Celsius 

ACOUSTIC AND THERMAL INSULATION - Superior sound and thermal  insulation, ideal for  creating sound barriers.


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